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+ 25 years thinking about

More than ideas
we create solutions

Years of experience in the field of technology

ST+I has been in the Information Technology market since 1989, having a vast experience in the development of several solutions in the Health area. It dedicates itself exclusively to the development and commercialization of Software, creating integrated solutions of Logistics Management and Circuit medicinal product.

We are always available
TOTAL Availability.

It has in its technical staff, employees capable of responding to any need of any institution. Experienced professionals, highly qualified, in-depth knowledge of all hospital processes and dedicated teamwork to meet all the needs and challenges launched by customers.

Multiple solutions on a single platform

In the area of hospital management, it holds the most advanced solutions in the market, encompassing the latest technologies and work processes, thus enabling better management, organization and consistency of all information. With the development process properly certified, we produce solutions that contribute decisively to an improvement and optimization of hospital processes, resulting in better operational results for our clients and significant improvements in the service they provide to their patients.

Comprehensiveness of response

We provide to the Institutions our clients, services of high quality and availability. We assign extremely competent professionals to provide assistance and maintenance services, ensuring the proper and permanent operation of the solution. In the scope of these services, we also guarantee that all the Institutions our clients fully comply with all the legal requirements issued by the Entities that regulate the sector.

Paulo Costa


Founding member and today only partner of ST+I. Degree in Systems Engineering From the University of Minho, has over 25 years of experience and dedication to the development of various solutions in order to address the various problems witch hospital institutions are struggling in a daily basis. The passion and dedication that he puts on the company he founded and inflexibility with which advocates inside and outside the values underlying it, are an inspiration to all employees of ST+I.

Filipa Costa


Filipa works in ST+I since 2012, she performs management functions of the company, with a strong focus on the areas of human resources and customer service. She is Master in Engineering Computer from University of Minho, its entry in ST+I has been fundamental to transform ST+I in a more organized and more attentive to their resources company. The reorganization of all internal administrative Processes has strengthened, will be essential for the present, but mainly for the future of ST+I.

Rui Costa

Commecial representative

In ST+I since 2008, is responsible for all the Commercial Policy of the company, for the Portuguese and Spanish market. Before joining the staff of ST+I, he played Logistics and Operations Manager in a multinational company. His knowledge and understanding of the specifics of the market in which ST+I acts are of tremendous value to the company and its future success.

Carlos Azevedo

Quality Manager

Works in ST+I since 2012, he serves as a quality manager and is largely the responsable of the Management System Certification of the company by APCER auditor. Accumulate work as quality manager with the management of ST+I business in Mozambique, where he is administrator of the company STI HEALTH Mozambique. Degree in Materials Engineering from the University of Minho, specializes in quality and process management, his contribution to the design of work processes throughout the company have made of ST+I a stronger, better prepared and more competitive company.

Carlos Correia

Responsible Prescription

In ST+I since 2006, is responsible for the group that develops solutions to the circuit of the drugs in the Hospitals. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, is passionate about his work and expert on algorithms, data structuring and advanced computing techniques. The way he understands the needs of each client and transforms the received messages in language understandable by his team, is invaluable for those who perform managerial functions in a specific and sensitive area such as the drugs circuit.

Hugo Pinto

Logistic Responsible

In ST+I since 2008, is responsible for the group that develops all solutions that give complete response to the Hospital Logistics. Master in Electrical and Computer Engineering by the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, is a student of programming and expert in advanced computing techniques. Disciplined and organized in the way he governs his work and therefore of the whole team are a guarantee of quality for ST+I and for all its customers.

Jaime Magalhães

Responsible for Help Desk and Technical Assistance

In ST+I since 2004, he has held various positions within the organization, actually he is director of the group that gives support and maintenance to the applications. Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Trás-os-Montes and Alto Douro, its in-depth knowledge of the entire solution and its versatility are invaluable for ST+I.


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