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Drug Circuit Ambulatory

All the Management of the Ambulatory of a Health Institution, solution certified by SPMS and that incorporates prescription, validation and pharmaceutical dispensing and sending information in real time to the guardianship.

Prescription - Hospital Pharmacy

A powerful tool of prescription: Completely adapted to outpatient logic.

  • Prescription of:
    • Authorized medicines for outpatient
    • Unauthorized medicinal products for outpatient
    • Medicinal products authorized by the Institution
  • Prescription by the active principle
  • Search by brand name and therapeutic class
  • Medicines by pathology
  • Database of "good practice" prescription
  • Prescription by predefined frequencies, predefined hours, moments,
    plans (cycle and progression / weaning) and cycles oral chemotherapy
  • Prescriptions and treatment guidelines for the patient
  • Patient follow-up in various specialties
  • Chronic and sporadic medication
  • Institutional documentation (Documents commission pharmacy and therapeutics)
  • Legal documentation
  • Informatization of the entire “Workflow” of justifications
  • Drug interactions
  • Allergy alert
  • Alert drug interactions with Patient Situations
  • Monitoring and reports to official institutions
  • Sending online information to official institutions
  • History of all outpatient episode
    • Prescribed
    • Waived
  • History of Outpatient episodes in progress and earlier

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Hospital Pharmacy

One solution, an essential tool for waiving to Ambulatory.

  • Real-time alerts for:
    • New prescriptions
    • Changes
  • Optical reading in prescription of Patient Data
  • Various forms of patient Quest
    • Episode
    • Process
    • Birth Date
    • Number of the prescription
    • ...
  • Possibility to filter by:
    • List of consultations of the day
    • List of planned withdrawals
    • Patients with alerts
    • Consultations without waivings
  • Pharmaceutical consultation
    • Assessment questionnaire to therapy
  • Pharmaceutical diary
  • Issue / Responsibility term Preview
  • Definition and allocation of caregivers
  • Prescription Validation
  • Pharmaceutical dispensation:
    • Calculation of the quantity of treatment
    • Calculation of the quantity needed until the next survey (ex. monthly)
    • Defining multiple quantities (ex. Blister, boxes)
    • Calculation of adherence to therapy
    • Calculation of pending quantities
    • Control batches
    • Issuing labels and reporting
  • Warnings to prescribers
  • Informatization of the entire “Workflow” of justifications
  • Alert interactions and situations related to the patient
  • Tracking by Batch
  • Preparation of all kinds of labels and Hazard labels
  • Indicators
    • Prescriptions
    • Validations
    • Pharmaceutical activity
    • ...
  • History
    • Prescriptions
    • Validations
    • Medication surveys
  • History of Ongoing episodes and earlier

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Prescription - Community Pharmacy

Tool certified by SPMS.

  • Complies with all current regulations for
    electronic prescription for community pharmacy

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Functional Description.

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