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Tenders Management

A solution that answers the entire logistic and accounting process of a market consultation, interfacing with the main electronic platforms that operate in it.


In one module the guarantee: "The best product at the best price."

  • Creation and automatic submission of tender to suppliers (e-mail, Fax)
  • Receipt and treatment of proposals
  • Automatic creation of comparative maps
  • Automatic import of comparative maps after adjudication
  • Management of tender statuses
  • Deposit/Supplier Audience
  • Different types of tenders:
    • Public tenders
    • Direct settings
    • International tenders
    • Agreements board
    • (...)
  • Various management maps available
  • Full integration with the purchasing modules
  • Possibility to send tenders to external platforms

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Article Link

In one module the guarantee: "The best product at the best price."

  • Manually entering of tender articles
  • Link to the purchasing module:
    • Based on the purchase order, submission of an article for tender
    • Discharge to the purchasing modules
  • Inserting articles through lists for Maps
  • Inserting articles using Excel Template
  • Article definition by quantity or value
  • Suggestion of quantities to tender based on:
    • History of Consumption
    • Order History

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Connection to supplier

Designed to facilitate the insertion and analysis of responses to be given by the supplier.

  • Direct connection between hospital and supplier by sending email and / or fax
  • Create custom Excel file to send to the supplier with the following data:
    • Tender articles
    • Editable supplier data
    • Procedures for filing a file
    • Supplier Responses by choosing article position
  • Connection to electronic provider-hospital interaction platforms:
    • Publish tender on platform
    • Sending to platform
    • Import of responses and adjudication
  • Supplier Response Log:
    • Import the previously uploaded excel file
    • Manual insertion of responses

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Decision Making

Designed to facilitate analysis and deliberation of the articles to be acquired.

  • Comparative map for analysis by the Analysis Committee (Juries)
  • Award responses:
    • Article
    • Position

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Completion of the process

Award of best tender under the most favorable conditions.

  • Closing of the tender
  • Possibility of analyzing all the tender conditions
  • Ability to cancel / revert back in tender status
  • Printing maps with all relevant information:
    • Tender with costs
    • Tender without costs
    • Positions
    • Comparative map
    • Ponderations map
    • Dispatch map

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Discharge of tender

Automatically awarded items available for purchase.

  • Discharge of tender by defining what you want to pass to the purchase module:
    • Observations
    • Internal observations
    • Supplier Remarks
    • Characteristics
    • Date of shipment
  • Discharge to the module according to the type of purchase

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A powerful BI tool.

  • Articles:
    • Tender articles
    • Adjudicated articles
    • Not Adjudicated articles
  • Suppliers
    • Tender suppliers
    • Invited suppliers
  • Listings
  • Public Contracts
  • Adjudication
    • Dispatch
    • Grouped by supplier
    • Grouped by article
    • Grouped by tender

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Functional Description.

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