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Maintenance Management

A solution that allows the computerization of the full process of assistance and maintenance in a hospital institution, with specific modules for preventive and corrective Maintenance.

Maintenance Workflow

A versatile and powerful tool.

  • Help Desk Management (internal use)
  • Facility and Equipment Service Management (SIE)
  • Tender Management (Mozambique)
  • Purchase Order Management

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Service - Workshop Interaction

Online communication between stakeholders.

  • Service can request interaction on any equipment of your service
    • Interconnection with the fixed assets module
  • Facilities and equipment service actions
    • Worksheets creation
    • Cost management through:
      • Labor
      • Working material capital
      • Warehouse material(connection with the consumer goods module)
      • Tender/order (connection with the consumer goods module)
  • Priority setting
  • Completion dates setting
  • Human resource management

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Module features

A solution to connect the entire requesting service and workshops circuit.

  • Real time warnings of:
    • Request creation
    • Request Answers
    • Request section changes
    • Request Status Changes
  • Fixed assets interface
    • Fixed assets query listing
    • Linking a request to a fixed asset
      • Checking the feasibility of carrying out particular asset repair
    • Maintenance contracts management
      • Corrective maintenance
      • Preventive maintenance
  • Indicators
    • Requests by state
    • Request by Request type
    • Top 10 services
    • Worksheets
    • Number of hours per workshop
    • Top 10 of executors
    • Costs per order and / or asset
  • Repairs History
  • Request Advanced Options
    • Reopening Requests
    • Adding or changing an item to a request
  • All these features changes are recorded in the repair history

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Maintenance contracts

Control tool for maintenance contracts and the related assets.

  • Contracts creation with specifications:
    • Contract type (with parts, without parts etc.)
    • Conditions
    • Start, renewal and end dates
    • Traded values
  • Attached addition associated to the contract negotiations
  • Asset addition to the contract
  • Contracts management by:
    • Active
    • To renew
    • To expire
    • Expired

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Preventive Maintenance

Tool to control a particular asset entire preventive maintenance schedule.

  • Fixed assets module implied interconnection
  • Protocols creation
    • With or without maintenance contract
    • With tasks definition
    • Assets addition
  • Protocol definition based executions creation
  • Individual intervention periodicity and warning intermission definition
  • Warnings Pop-up
    • Active executions management for request generation
    • Pending executions management to generate Executions repetitions

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Functional Description.

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