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Hospitalar Nutrition Management

Solution that allows individual management of each patient's diet and incorporates an Hospital Kitchen module.

Diet Requests

A powerful prescription tool: simple, organized and intuitive.

  • Possibility of ordering diets and supplements for:
    • Inpatient and outpatient
    • Services (supper of the staff)
    • Guests (issuance of income for hospitalization)
  • It is only necessary to request the diet once during the hospitalization
    because it is always active until there is a need to make some changes.
  • Possibility of adding supplements to meals of a diet
  • Ability to filter supplements per service
  • Overview of the diets associated with each patient of the service
  • Associate allergies / food intolerances to patients
  • Possibility of making protocols of diets
  • Possibility of parameterizing which meals belong to each diet
  • Visualization of the composition of each diet meal
  • Custom Diets
  • Associate variants with diets (Example: Without salt, no sugar, cold, etc)
  • Possibility of the user to select several options for a Meal (meat, fish, etc.)
  • Delete meal for a particular patient
  • Schedule diets for several days
  • Observations per meal and per diet
  • When the patient is discharged, the diet is automatically suspended
  • History of patient diets
  • Meals with cut-off times to be ordered in order to increase the effectiveness of the kitchen
  • Possibility of making extra requests for diets (outside normal hours) - need justification
  • Diet Protocols
  • Nutrition questionnaires
  • Placement of the patient fasted

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A solution, a single platform, that gives response to the entire management of hospital kitchen.

  • Predicted meals to be made for a given day / meal / service
  • Listing by meal with all the diets that are to send to the services
  • Information about who ordered the diet
  • Confirm delivery of meals to the service (s)
  • Check passwords from the guests' cafeteria
  • Several listings that show billing for cooked meals and supplements sent
  • Printing labels that accompany the trays, increasing the reliability with which the meal prepared in the kitchen is the same that is given to the patient
  • Automatic counting of all types of diet to be made and supplements to send
  • History of dieting changes
  • Notifications of bed changes

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When the patients' companions go to the canteen.

  • Issuing tickets to the user's companion go to the cafeteria
  • Validation of tickets by the kitchen regulator
  • Print listing with information of the tickets issued by the services
  • Possibility to know who and when the ticket was issued
  • Various listings for the conference of meals served in the canteen to accompanying users

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Functional Description.

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