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Integrated Solution for Oncology

A solution, a single platform, that manages the entire treatment of the cancer patient.


Designed to respond to the oncology service difficult management.

  • Session Scheduling
  • Pathology, treatments and drugs filters
  • Daily, weekly, monthly schedule view
  • Periodic schedules
  • Upcoming schedules warning
  • Beds and chairs management
  • Rooms Occupancy Rate
  • Patient presence confirmation
  • Sessions Rescheduling

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The patient safety is guaranteed using clinical protocols.

  • Inpatient and Day Hospital prescription
  • Consulting treatment planning
  • Entire treatment prescription with a n cycles required definition
  • Chemotherapy Protocols and other cyclic treatments prescription
  • Clinical diagnosis protocols
  • Patient parameters adjusted protocols
  • Doses automatic calculation by patient data
    (body surface, Creatinine clearance, etc…)
  • Maximum and cumulative doses warnings
  • Dose percentage adjustments
  • Treatment plan readjustment
  • Sessions Validation
  • Session authorization criteria
  • Sessions Postponement / Cancellation
  • Treatment History
  • Previous treatments History

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A chemotherapy session whole nursing process in a intuitive an secure model.

  • Session Confirmation
  • Login planning
  • Preparations receipt validation
  • Preparations state warnings
  • Preparations receipt double validation
  • Bar code Validation
  • Administrations registration
    • Chemotherapy, adjuvant medication, Residence
  • Administration Guides
  • Nursing notes
  • Monitoring log
    • Body diagram
  • All treatment History
  • Previous treatments History

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All preparation steps using safe and innovative methods.

  • Chemotherapy session validation
  • Pharmacy Diaries
  • "Orders Preparation" Creation / Validation
  • To be carried out preparations work sheet
  • Consumption Forecast
  • Lyophilizates Reconstitution
  • Infusion pumps management
  • Waste management
  • Patient medication and clinical material debit used in the preparation
  • Clinical material per preparation protocols
  • Preparation stability management and stability conditions
  • Preparation guides Step-by-step validation
  • Handling security mechanisms: Barcode; Critical moments Photography; Gravimetry; Vocal control
  • Release Guides
  • Exposure time Control
  • All treatment History
  • Previous treatments History

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Total safety

Follows the most advanced security systems in the entire process, from prescription to patient administration.

  • Protocols that follow International "guide lines"
  • Control of entry for materials into the chamber
  • 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Leftovers stability management
  • Cytostatics preparation guides
  • Gravimetry
  • Critical steps Control per image
  • Voice System: Preparation guide Reading / Voice recognition
  • Cytostatics release guides
  • Batch release Control
  • Preparation Double check
  • Cytostatic, patient, stability verification
  • Administration Guides

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Information Access

Simply presented patient/treatment availeble information.

  • All treatment History
  • Treatments evolution
  • Patient settings History
  • Patients Number per pathology
  • Patients Number per protocol
  • Protocol changes and factor analysis
  • Time / outdated Preparation
  • Average preparation times
  • Scheduled / Urgent Preparations
  • Cost per treatment
  • Treatment efficacy Analysis

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Functional Description.

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