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Emergency Management Services

A solution, a single platform, giving response to the whole paradigm of a ER.


Several presentations of the results of screening.

  • Priority Rating
  • Timeouts
  • Patient Complain
  • Screening Report
  • Referral of patients
  • Other screening protocols
    (Example: Pediatric)

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Medical Auxiliaries

It allows you to follow the entire patient journey in the ER.

  • Request for transport
    • Valencia Transfers
    • Transfer to internment
    • Conducting MCDT
  • Patient location tracking
  • Control of waiting time for carrying out transmission
  • Confirmation of the patient arrival to the destination
  • Various stages of carrying out transmission
  • Completion of requests for Transportation
  • Historic of Transportation

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A powerful prescription tool: simple, organized and intuitive.

  • Prescription is made by active ingredient
  • Prescription for fixed frequency, preset times, scheduled times...
  • Protocols of Medical Prescriptions, Profiles Therapeutic Attitudes, Documentation...
  • Drug interactions
  • Small Volumes of Tables
  • Perfusion compliant vehicles
  • Dosages guidance
  • Alert of maximum and cumulative doses
  • Allergy Alert
  • Drug interaction alert with Patient Situations
  • History of the whole episode Emergency
  • History of previous episodes of urgency
  • Overview of the whole episode Emergency:
    • Analytical results
    • Imagiology
    • Registration Administrations
    • Vital signs
    • Nursing notes

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Tool that comes with all the complicated process of nursing in Emergency.

  • Nursing View
  • Counter:
    • Medication
    • Serums
    • Monitoring
    • Attitudes
  • Contacts:
    • Patient
    • Accompanying persons
    • Relatives
  • Assets
  • Nursing discharge
  • View previous cases
  • Label Printing
  • Definition of Nurse Responsible
  • Order and the rule of Clinical Analysis
  • Registration of Administrations
  • Monitoring Register
  • Nursing notes
  • Vital Signs Graphics
  • Pain scales, Braden, Morse...
  • Cards of discharge/Transference
  • History of the whole episode of emergency
  • History of previous episodes of emergency

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Functional Description.

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